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National Federation of Republican Women's 41st Biennial Convention to take place in Orlando, FL

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Brittany Corfman Parks, 30-under-30 Rising Stars in Florida Politics

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Robbie Ford's update from the

National Federation of Republican Women Convention

Sept 26-Sept 29, 2019


I attended the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW) in Indianapolis, Indiana as a delegate from Florida. The NFRW meets every two years. Here’s is a brief summary to report back to you. We had many fabulous speakers like Ronna McDaniel, Chairwoman for the Republican National Committee; Kaylee McEnany, National Press Secretary for President Trump’s reelection campaign; Rebecca Kleefisch, Executive Director of the Woman’s Suffrage Centennial Committee; and many more. It was an informative and inspiring conference and I encourage each of you to attend the one in Orlando in 2021 as well as our state meeting this Oct 11-13 in Orlando. (We ALL need to contribute to stuff a purse for the auction).

What do we as individuals get by being a member of the National Federation of Republican women? My answer is - we get a strong voice. We have 52,000 informed women across the nation as members. We get information as well as strength. That size of a group will be noticed by all!

At the National meeting we had:

  • 579 checked in attendees

  • 79 delegates attendees

  • 658 total attendees

On August 18, 1920, The 19th amendment granted women the right to vote. We will be celebrating 100 years next year of women’s suffrage ... not women suffering. Do not get those two words confused. LOL! Many women suffered in the decade it took us to get the right to vote. Some were imprisoned and force fed due to a hunger strike they imposed on themselves.

Susan B Anthony was one of those ladies. First white men got the right to vote, then black men. 10 years later women got the right to vote… Which is quite interesting when you consider that we are now 53% of the total vote. Yes, we women are a stubborn, determined and principled driven group of people!

83% of all decisions are made by women.

Membership had a slogan: each one bring one.. something we can all do to enlarge our club as well as our republican party… Especially here locally.

Starting January 1 the federal dues will go up $10. They have not gone up in 10 years. IT programs and other costs have all gone up. Also, sadly, Membership is down-30% in 2018-2019.

State dues are also going up five dollars. Again, all costs are up.

On a different note: Women for America are organizing a Trump support march in DC for October 17. It is a national march to show Trump our support and let our Congressional districts know how we feel about them. It is visualized to be similar to the tea party march that was in DC years ago. I am working with folks to coordinate a bus and rooms. Go to: for more details and shirt purchases. Most importantly, if you think you may have some interest, email to be put on the list for updates.

Stay informed, stay strong and stay active!

Fighting for Republican values,

Robbie J. Ford

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